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Hydro Dipping

Through this process, 3D objects will undergo customization via water transfer. There are various hydrographic films with different patterns and designs to choose from. We take your likes and interests into consideration in order to find the perfect combination of colours and designs just for you!



Ceramic tinted windows help lower the amount of exposure to harmful rays and provide additional comfort to passengers with added privacy and a more even temperature in the vehicle. Headlight and taillight tinting options are also available.

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Ceramic Coating

For individuals seeking greater protection for the exterior and interior of their vehicles, we use System X for an exclusive, permanent ceramic coating that contains a colour enhancing gloss, extreme durability, and chemical resistance. 

  • Diamond Package (lifetime warranty)

  • Pro Package (limited warranty)


Underglow Kit

For individuals seeking to add aesthetic appeal to their vehicles, underglow kits are perfect! Illuminate the ground with countless colour and sequence options.


Caliper Refinishing

The most impressive vehicle is the one that gets the details right, and nothing helps accent the beauty of your vehicle like a set of stunning calipers sitting behind your wheels


Chrome Delete

De-chrome your ride with a peelable liquid wrap or permanent paint job to give it a dark and stealthy look. Full and partial chrome delete options are available.

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Paint Jobs

A custom paint job can be used to showcase individuality, uniqueness, and take your project to the next level! There are countless options to choose from that will make your vehicle stand out. Various colour options and finishes are available.